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Shanna Connor


As an adoptive mom, and having worked in adoption and with families in crisis for over ten years, I have a strong passion to come alongside adoptive and foster families as well as adult adoptees and couples experiencing infertility. 


If you are parenting a child through adoption or foster care, you may find yourself working hard but finding it difficult to reach your child; it can feel like nothing is working.  You may be experiencing grief, confusion, or frustration over what is, or what you hoped for…life doesn’t quite look like what you thought it would.  Your child may be attempting to meet their needs through behavior that doesn't make sense, and helping them trust you as parents can be very challenging. 


I want you to know there is hope, and you are not alone.  We will work together to understand what your child might be communicating through their behavior, and figure out how to best meet their needs. We will find ways to create connection and build trust so that problematic behaviors will begin to lessen.  My goal is to support you as parents, while facilitating attachment between you and your child, and strengthen family relationships as a whole. 


I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Counseling from College of Biblical Studies in Houston, Texas and a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. I am a Marriage and Family Therapist- Associate practicing under the supervision of Kim Fish, LCSW. 


To Schedule an appointment, email me at


Self-pay only: Health Savings Account, credit card, check or cash

Initial session: $125

50 minute sessions: $95

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