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DBT-C for Children and Parents 

DBT-C stands for Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Children. DBT-C is an evidenced-based treatment for children ages 6-12 who struggle with behavior and big emotions. Children with ADHD, oppositional behavior, and mood dysregulation will learn to identify triggers and understand their emotions, better control their emotions and behavior, and learn ways to effectively cope with problems. These children may have interpersonal difficulties with family members and peers, extreme thinking style, low tolerance for delayed gratification, low tolerance for change and transitions, difficulty with concentration, trouble tolerating boredom, are hyperactive and impulsive and may have sensory processing problems.

DBT-C is an intensive program that involves 
1. Commitment from caregivers
2. Parenting Skills Group
3. Skill building for caregivers and children
4. Family Sessions



Mother and Daughter Hugging
Happy family

We also offer a Thrive Parenting Class that is based on DBT-C concepts. 





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