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to Register for the Fall 2023 Group


Supportive Parenting for Anxious Children

6-week Group for parents 
with anxious children

Do you have a child with anxious behaviors? Are you struggling with answers? Would you like to have a child that can develop coping skills to handle anxiety? We offer a 6-week group that helps parents understand how to help anxious children. Our workshop gives parents real actionable steps to help their children. 

We teach the following in our workshop

1. How to recognize anxious children

2. How to recognize patterns that make anxious behaviors worse

3. How to build a plan around your child's anxiety

4. How to build a trusting relationship with your child while helping their anxious behaviors 

SPACE teaches parents to recognize their child's behaviors, their own interactions to their child's anxiety, and to implement plans for reducing their child's anxious behaviors. THE CHILD DOES NOT NEED TO ATTEND. Parents maintain an empathic and supportive attitude towards their child while increasing parents' ability to work cooperatively to reduce the child's anxiety and increase support. Parents are taught skills that will continue to support and help their children. 

call 260-823-3100 for more information
Happy Family

Please note: our program is group therapy. It is available to Indiana, Florida, and Maine residents only. The group is limited in size and only 10 families can participate. This allows our therapists to provide each family with solutions and interventions tailored to their needs. The cost is $500 for the 6-week program. Payment plans are available and HSA's are accepted. This group will begin with a one-time psychoeducational webinar that will be sent to all participants as the first session to help them prepare. The group is given by licensed therapists who specialize in anxiety disorders. You can call us at 260-823-3100 to register or email 

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