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ADHD Program Services

If you are a professional or individual who would like to make a referral to our ADHD program please fill out our referral form and we will contact you. 

Thrive Parenting Group

Effective parenting is essential to the success of children with ADHD. However, difficult child behavior contributes to family stress and leaves parents looking for solutions that are lasting. Thrive Parenting integrates behavioral, cognitive, and emotion-focused intervention components that help parents and children with ADHD.


Parents as Friend Coach

It's hard to see your child feel rejected and frustrated because they lack the skills to make friends. Children who are shy, have ADHD or are slightly anxious often struggle to make and keep friends. 
This 8-week workshop is based on research on how parents can help children make friends. Each week parents will receive teaching, handouts, and homework.  They will practice with their child and other family members in making and keeping friends. The group size is limited to allow families time for interaction and questions.


Nutured Heart Parent training

The Nurtured Heart approach focuses on creating connected relationships, emphasizing positive behavior, and transforming difficult intensities into abundant Inner Wealth. NHA is based on the premise that an individual’s intense energy can be positively channeled and transformed into a positive force. The approach teaches parents, caregivers, and educators to recognize and amplify positive behavior. It has been used successfully in a variety of settings including schools, homes, foster care, criminal justice, healthcare, and therapeutic environments.


ADHD Parenting Group

Parental support and counseling is an important part of your child's ongoing ADHD program. The ADHD parent group is a small group that helps parents manage the day-to-day challenges of ADHD. This group is led by licensed therapists. 

Let's Work Together

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