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Children in Classroom

Does Your Child Struggle to Make and Keep Friends? 

Does Your Child Struggle to Make and Keep Friends? 

For Children 5-11
Next Starting Date
Fall,  2023

Sign Up for Our 8-Week Small Interactive Workshop That Teaches Parents the Skills to Be Their Child's Friendship Coach 

It's hard to see your child feel rejected and frustrated because they lack the skills to make friends. Children who are shy, have ADHD or are slightly anxious often struggle to make and keep friends. 
This 8-week workshop is based on research on how parents can help children make friends. Each week parents will receive teaching, handouts, and homework.  They will practice with their child and other family members in making and keeping friends. The group size is limited to allow families time for interaction and questions.  The cost of the workshop is $380 for the 8-Weeks. The payment can be divided into 2 payments if needed. 

In the workshop we cover

  • Common reasons children struggle to make friends.

  • Why ADHD, high emotions,  and anxiety interfere with your child's ability to keep friends.

  • How to understand what is hindering your child from making friends and/or keeping friends.

  • What skills you need to teach your child and how you can get them to listen.

  • How to troubleshoot with your child in skill building.

  • Week by week homework and skill building. 

*This course is not suitable for children who have high levels of oppositional behaviors or who suffer from high levels of anxiety. Please consider our SPACE program (for anxious children) or our DBT-C (for higher levels of oppositional and high emotional behaviors) before joining this workshop. This workshop is not considered therapy and we cannot answer questions about your child's diagnosis. This program is part of our Parents as Coaches program. 
Please note: our program is not therapy for you or your child. This workshop is meant to educate you. If you feel that your child needs therapy please see a therapist who specializes in child therapy. If your child has depression, ADHD, or another mental health condition, please get approval from your pediatrician. Other conditions may require other specialized treatments. If you live in Indiana you can check our website for any additional services you need or contact another counseling agency.

Fill Out Our Contact Form and We Will Contact You to Sign Up for This Workshop 

Please allow 48 hours for a response. 

Thanks for submitting!


Once registration of a participant has been completed, any EVENT that includes a workshop/webinar/presentation/seminar/conference (in-person or online) organized by Christine Rodriguez, MA; Clarity Counseling/Parents as Coaches is non-refundable after the workshop has started.  

In any event, the registered person(s) are not able to attend, that person is responsible for making their own arrangements to give the ticket to someone else and notify Christine Rodriguez, MA; Clarity Counseling: of any changes to their registration details. No refunds will be given 7 days before the event. If you need to cancel please email

A refund will be given if the presenter (s)

  • Cancels for any reason

  • The workshop and group do not meet attendance requirements. 

  • Documented emergency of participant before the workshop/class/seminar starts

  • National emergency

Cancellation may be due to *extreme circumstances that involves the presenter to not be able to do the arranged workshop/webinar/presentation/seminar/conference. 
​*Extreme circumstances would include severe weather conditions, power outage, natural disaster, pandemics, personal or family emergencies, death, illness, unsafe environmental situations and/or the mental health or well-being of the individuals involved.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time regarding the Refund Policy please contact us


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