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 Parents as Coaches Program.

Parents as Coaches are programs and therapies that are designed to have high parental involvement. In many of these programs, parents act as "coaches" and have an active role in helping their child learn new skills. This approach is helpful because the parent will be able to help the child in between sessions. In addition, the parents have the option of continuing support in a group after the child and parent complete therapy. These groups are usually 4-6 other parents/ caregivers who have child with similar problems. This approach offers a comprehensive understanding of the child's disorder and added support. 

ADHD and Skills Coaching - I provide coaching and skills reinforcement for parents who are not seeking mental health interventions but need coaching for the families and children to practice and gain positive coping skills for difficulties with processing deficits such as ADHD, executive skills, social processing, or parenting a difficult child.

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