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4-Week Anxiety  Workshop for Parents  with Anxious Kids

Our Anxiety Workshop for Parents is a 4-week workshop educating parents on the differences between stress and anxiety and how to recognize even the surprising ways it can show up in their child’s behavior. The workshop provides parents with practical ways to regulate their own overwhelming emotions, as well as tools to teach their child or teen. Families who understand how anxiety works and what they can do to calm and regulate emotions, tend to feel more confident and equipped to handle the ways it impacts their lives.  Two parents (or other caregivers) can share the same screen via Zoom for the online training.

Please note: our program is not therapy for you or your child. This workshop is meant to educate you. If you feel that your child needs therapy please see a therapist who specializes in anxiety disorder. If your child has depression, ADHD, or another mental health condition, please get approval from your pediatrician. Other conditions may require other specialized treatments. If you live in Indiana you can check our website for any additional services you need or contact another counseling agency.

The workshop is presented by child therapists
Kim Fish, LCSW
& Christine Rodriguez, LMHC

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Christine Rodriguez, LHMC                Kim Fish, LCSW

Children in Indoor Playground


Teach kids
how to manage stress 

What's the number one thing you can do when emotions are high

When Worry is winning you can give your kids real tools 

Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace


  • The differences between stress and anxiety

  • How to reduce a child's anxious behaviors

  • How to teach your child skills to regulate their emotions

  • How to be a child's anxiety coach

  • How to handle anxiety meltdowns

  • How to improve your own coping skills around your child's anxiety

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