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The ADHD Family comprehensive is meant to help families learn stratigies that will help reduce stress, improve confidence, provide education, and help parents and children learn real skills that will help. This program has been strategically designed in stages for optimal results. The program starts the first week in April. 

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In this first phase of the program parents go through a 6 week comprehensive workshop that allows them to understand ADHD and how to help to reduce stress and frustration, create a supportive environment, and teach practical skills. 

Parent ADHD 6 Week Intensive Workshop

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Parents are provided with support through coaching during this phase, if desired. Working in a group of other parents, an ADHD coach will help parents navigate new skills learned in phase one. 

Parent Coaching

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Children meet tougher in a group environment to learn new organizational, confidence, and emotional regulation skills. Children attend for 8 weeks to work on skills in group and at home. Each group is one hour. 

Children ADHD Skill Program

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Children and parent learn how to collaborate and work together to meet goals. Instead of conflict families learn a set of skills that help meet the needs of families. Parents learn advance skills to help with challenging behaviors, conflicting ideas, while increasing communication and connection. 

Family Collaboration Group Coaching

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